Nai Talim Kuti

The Nai Talim Kuti (cottage) has been the residence of Dr. Edward William Aryanayakam and his wife Shrimati Ashadevi, who are regarded as the very soul of Nai Talim.

In 1936 Gandhiji brought the couple from Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore to Sevagram to realize his dream Education. The couple took Nai Talim, as proposed by Gandhiji, to its completion at Sevagram.

Dr. E. W. Aryanayakam was born on 5th May 1893 in Vaddugodai village of Jaffna province in Sri Lanka. After receiving his B.A. and B.T from Madras, he went to London to pursue higher studies. In1923 he obtained the Bachelor’s (Hon.) degree in Education. In 1924, he went to U.S.A. and received the Doctorate in Education from New York University. Influenced by Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore’s views on education, he came to Shantiniketan in 1926, where he worked as the Director of Child Education, Rector of Vishwabharati, Professor of Education and Personal Secretary to Rabindranath Tagore. During his stay in Shantiniketan, he met Ashadevi Adhikari, who had pursued her higher studies in Sanskrit at Shantiniketan itself. Eventually they got married with Gurudev’s blessings.

When Gandhiji put forward his philosophy of Nai Talim before the country in 1937, Shri. Aryanayakam was appointed the Secretary and Ashadevi as the Joint Secretary of Hindustani Talimi Sangh, which was established to implement Nai Talim. E. W. Aryanayakam worked as Principal of Navbharat Vidyalaya, Wardha in the beginning. In 1937, the Aryanayakam couple shifted to the Nai Talim Kuti (cottage). They lived here till death. The Nai Talim scheme unfolded to the fullest extent in Nai Talim premises under their able guidance. Here education was developed from the Pre-basic, Basic and Post Basic up to the level of a University. Teachers from all over the country were trained here, which helped in furthering Nai Talim throughout the country.

The Aryanayakam couple played an important role in Bhudan, Gramdan movement. In 1967, Shri Aryanayakam went to Sri Lanka to meet his ailing brother, where Aryanayakam died at his birthplace on 20th June 1967. Shrimati Ashadevi continued working towards the progress of Nai Talim till she died on 30th June 1970.

Nai Talim cottage has always been a source of inspiration for every Nai Talim activist since then.


Shanti Bhavan

Shanti Bhavan was inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi in 1942 as a training Centre for Basic Education. Basic Education Training were conducted on large scale during the period of 1946-1955.for teaches. In Shanti Bhavan all participants took food together. Aryanayakamji & Ashadevi also took food with all participants and workers. Meeting or General Body meeting were conducted at Shanti Bhavan every month regularly. Cultural programs were performed in this Bhavan. After Gandhiji passed away in 1948 a Natinal Constructive workers conference was organized in March 1948. On the bases of this conference Sarvodya Samaj was established. A World conference of world Peace workers was organized in this Bhavan during 24-29 Dec. 1949. In which 150 representatives who were well known to Aryanayakamji participated from all over the world. Now days this Bhavan is use for camp, function & Training workshop.

Gouri Bhavan

Bahane (Women workers) those who come to learn Post Education (Uttsar Buniyadi Education) for them worthy Ma & Baba have done arrangement of accommodation which is called Gouri Bhavan afterword. It was ladies hostel & 150 bahane provide somewhere to stay. When Vinobas Bhudan Andolan was started in Bangal that time school was closed. Afterward School was again started in 1960 by Sumantai Bang & Goury Bhavan has been using as hostel for students. Nowadays it is using for accommodation for campers & participants of conferance.


Mr Jalbhai who was son of Gandhiji’s South Africa friend Mr Rustanmji came to meet Gandhiji in 1938 at Sewagram at that time there was no arrangement to stay at Sewagram for guest. So he has taken permission form Gandhi for construction of Bhavan & he has contributed fund for built this Bhavan from the trust of his father name. A memorabilia was affix & kept name of Bhavan as Rustam Bhavan on the prier permission of Gandhiji. This Bhavan has 4 room where 14 guest would stay.


It was constructing as per Ashadevi, Ravindra Natha Tagore idea which was generated from Shanti Niketan. Gandhiji,s suggested that this Bhavan used for Dancing wing. In this Bhavan Indian culture, history, psychology were introduced through dancing. After 1972 dancing is gradually gone astray & Balwadi has been commenced in this Bhavan. Now 60 children of age of 3-6 yrs come to learn from near by villages every year.


It is a simple hall. It was converted for Art & creation by Devi Prasad (Art Teacher) after 1954-55. This Bhavan was built by Shramdan of students & Ashram workers. A few labor used for the construction wherever need. This Kala Bhavan was used for painting, pottery, sculpture & artistic work up to 1972. Now again this Kala Bhavan is using for Art & artistic work from 2013.


Kabir Bhavan was a centre of spinning (Sut Katai) on Amber Charakha as a part of Self reliance in cloth (Vastra Swavalamban). Weaving & Knitting process were taught in this Bhavan. Mathematics, Soil science, farming (Kisani) textile history was taught through & during spinning. As per age & class spinning was taught on Ambar Charakha, Box Charakha (Peti Charakha), Kisan Charakha. Campers also took part in spinning whenever camp was organized.